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Deck / Wood Pressure Washing.

Deck/Wood Restorations

Does your deck or porch look worn out? Is it splintering and cracking? Are there nails sticking up and riddled with loose boards and railings. Is the paint peeling and chipping away? Are the deck boards dry rotted and soggy due to water or termite damage? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Squeaky Clean is your answer.

We specialize in proper maintenance of all woods such as cedar, redwood, power washing, composite, pine and even harder exotic woods such as mahogany, cypress, ipe, and teak.

We professionally adjust PSI for each unique job to prevent wood from any damage. This process is necessary to remove green algae and other contaminants that have accumulated over time from weathering as well as wear and tear. Removing these impurities that have accumulated on your deck will prevent slips and falls and help to get the original luster leaving the wood more vibrant and closer to its original natural state. This process also insures the stain will fully penetrate and adhere to the surface and protect it for years to come.

The deck stripping process helps emulsify and help break down the old stains and paints without compromising the integrity of the deck surface underneath. This service is a necessity when the failing preexisting stain may be peeling or flaking off. By using the correct stripping techniques it will bring the wood back to its natural tone and luster making it ready for a high quality stain.

Staining and Sealing
This process is highly recommended after a thorough deck cleaning. Using a high quality stain will prevent freshly cleaned wood from mildew, uv damage, and from excess moisture penetrating into the wood surfaces. We use only the highest quality stains and sealants to insure that it will last as long as possible while helping to protect and preserve the wood from the harsh environmental elements, while greatly boosting its overall appearance.

Repairs To ensure your deck comes out in suburb condition we do a complete assessment especially where areas may be constantly damp due to irrigation and lack of sunlight. We can fix all minor repairs of your decking to eliminate future issues and ensure your deck is a safe environment for your family.

We look forward to making your deck your place for relaxing and entertaining.