Long Island Cedar Restoration

Has Mother Nature taken a toll on your cedar siding or roof?
Is your cedar siding or roofing graying or does it have black or green stains?

Is there moss or mold growing on it?
Are your cedar shingles soggy, warped, or cracked?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Squeaky Clean is your answer!

Did you know that wood is a living, breathing organic material? It needs to be treated accordingly. Without proper maintenance and restoration, wood will be left to rot. Lack of care does not only affect the aesthetic look of your home, but can also compromise the structural integrity.

Squeaky Clean specializes in proper cedar restoration techniques. Our soft wash process will safely restore these surfaces without destroying them by removing mildew, mold, and dead wood fibers. Our low-pressure safe foam process will restore wood without splintering or causing irreversible damage. It is important to allow the wood to breath correctly in order to repel moisture. We rehydrate the wood bringing it back to its original luster, enhancing the natural beauty.