Benefits of Annual Gutter Cleaning

Benefits of Annual Gutter Cleaning

Most people do not realize the critical role a gutter plays in keeping their homes in top-notch shape. Cleaning your gutter at least once a year benefits the health of your home. Here are a few benefits of giving your gutter an annual makeover.

1. Eliminates nesting areas

When it’s not raining, there is a high chance that pests make your gutter “sweet home.” Rodents, bugs, and birds are notorious for building homes using leaves, twigs, and other debris built up in your gutter. Cleaning your gutter will eliminate the presence of building materials for these pests, discouraging them from building.

2. Controls water damage on expensive landscaping

Good landscaping does not come cheap. A dirty gutter will eventually clog up and create unmanaged water flow, a landscape architect’s worst nightmare. To preserve your pristine landscape, clean your gutter before the rainy season to avoid catastrophic erosion.

3. Extends the roof’s lifespan

A clogged gutter traps water leading to moisture damage on your roof. Left unmanaged, trapped water will eventually cause leaks damaging other surfaces inside the home. Not to mention the extra weight trapped water exerts on your roof, which can ultimately cause irreversible damage. We can all agree no homeowner wants roof damage anywhere in their home. Keeping a clean gutter can help you avoid these scenarios altogether and prolongs your roof’s lifespan.

4. Prevents basement flooding

Unmanaged water flow from a clogged gutter can lead to a flooded basement because the water flows towards the lowest point. If you are one to use your basement as a storage space, you will face massive losses from water damage. Why not avoid the horror of finding your basement flooded by getting your gutter cleaned?

5. Improves the lifespan of your gutter

Rust and corrosion are not far behind if your gutter is strained by build-up debris and trapped water. Your gutter could quickly become an eyesore if you don’t get your gutter regularly cleaned.

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